Examining Whiteness

Hello Friends,
Below are links to connect you to articles and videos related to our work on whiteness, white supremacy, and racism.

You will find the readings we have shared so far, as well as three of the videos from the Putting Racism on the Table series, and a few additional readings I thought interesting and helpful as we grow in this work together.

Thank you for your enthusiastic commitment to engaging these challenging and important questions.
Tina Kachele, Clerk

Video resources:

**A NEW GREAT RESOURCE!! (a series of short videos from Seattle: scroll down the page for different parts of the project)
Putting Racism on the Table is a series of videos that will help us develop a shared vocabulary to move deeper into this work. Each of these sessions comes with a set of questions we may use for discussion.
Feel free to watch or listen on your own; we will organize community viewings and discussions as time and energy allow.

Full website here: http://www.puttingracismonthetable.org/


Youtube of sessions here:
I call your attention in particular to three sessions:
Structural Racism, by John A. Powell
Discussion Guide – Structural Racism – john powell

White Privilege by Robin DiAngelo (she is the author of the concept we have been studying called White Fragility)
PuttingRacismTable_Discussion Guide – White Privilege

Julie Nelson on Implicit Bias:
Discussion Guide – Implicit Bias – Julie Nelson


Below are links to the AFSC guide on “Denormalizing Whiteness” as well as the readings we have shared from that guide so far. Feel free to access additional readings and resources from the AFSC Guide and share your thoughts as we learn and grow together!
Whiteness for Friends FINAL_0

What Is Whiteness_ – The New York Times

Understanding Whiteness | Calgary Anti-Racism Education | University of Calgary

White Fragility-Why Its Hard to Talk White People Racism

White Fragility Is Racial Violence | Huffington Post

White Fragility_DiAngelo_fullpaper



ADDITIONAL RESOURCES that may be of interest to you:





“People of Color are in an Abusive Relat… (with White America)




A recent blog post from AFSC on learning our stories connects to our witness on immigration: “The stories we tell- Reckoning with our…e | AFSC