Standing Rock : **UPDATE June 2017**

June 2017: catching up on news from Standing Rock, this week saw big news regarding the environmental assessment!
You can read about it here:
and about militarized repression here:


From late 2016:
On Dec 4, the US Army Corps of Engineers denied the easement to drill and DAPL attempted to have that decision overturned later that week. They now have until Jan 31 to present their case about why the pipeline should go forward. Meanwhile, the drill site is still active so the work to stop the pipeline is not over! Due to harsh winter conditions, many have left the camp but there is still a strong presence of Water Protectors! The sacred fire at Oceti Sackowin was put out by the elders who started it, and a new fire (and new prayer) has begun. That camp is now called Oceti Oyate (The Peoples’ Camp) and is populated by about 1000. There are also about 300 people at Rosebud Camp (the youth camp), and about 1000 at Sacred Stone Camp. Two Spirit Camp plans to stay through the winter as well (located within Oceti Oyate), and Red Warrior Camp has moved on to build a mobile resistance movement (see more here:

Support is still needed! Prayers are still needed!  

For more info, see:


Coalition Statement on what’s next:

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If you can send support, here are a couple of fund me sites: 


Two Spirit Camp (one of the leaders in this camp is Albuquerque’s own Alma Rosa, Director of the LGBTQ Resource Center at UNM):


Oceti Sackowin Camp: